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Mountainbiking & Sport

Hvar is a densely wooded island, thus being again unique among the Croatian islands. This vegetation density brought on many fires. After one of the biggest fires that happend few years ago, the islands forest management finally reacted - numerous new gravel roads have been created to ease access to the fire-fighters and their vehicles. Those roads are ideal for mountain bikers.
Cyclists have therefore a choice of either choosing an indulgence ride aomng the fields or „conquering“ the hills having a magnificent view of the neighbouring islands and the Dalmatian mainland. On clear days one´s view may reach the coastline of Italy.

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Each cyclist type finds an ideal ride terrain
The German trial bike national team trained on Easter on the island. Top level down hill bikers from Germany, US, Japan ride on the steeper, south side of the island.
The inhabitants have recognized the needs of the cyclist and have prepared amenities for both early and post season. Appropriate bike-park signs have been put up, bike park supprot, not more being a rarity in front of cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlours. When riding down the roads, cyclist are often greeted by island´s drivers. Luckily, the people of the island have recognized that cyclo tourism is the most environmentally friendly type of tourism.

In 2001 people of Vrboska started to wonder about the odd bikes and their owners accommodating here. They were even more stupendous when the group rode up the hill to reach the other side of the island and then back. When the farmers working in the stone hedged fields saw these first mountain bikers, they thought they were having a Fata Morgana, a mirage. Today, a couple of years later, these bikers became a reality of each early season, always asked by the owners of cafes what hill they have conquered today while drinking fresh lemonade, espresso, or eating ice. Slowly but surely, the Hvarans are replacing their old bicycles with new mountain bikes.

Look to the pictures on our forum!

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A German cartographer, who measured the down hill roads on the south side of the island on the request of the German trail bike national team, just uncomprehendingly shook his head over the down hill bikers crowd. For the cross-country bikers, who usually come in the Eastern time and in the Whitesuntide week (early season), an extensive map material has been developed. This maps may be requested ,for a low fee, under the link Contacts. GPS backed bike routs maps are in preparation. Meanwhile, look at the impressions of the held tours in our Photo Gallery.

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Sport in general

Croatia is a sport loving, not to say „sport crazy“, country. It gave and still gives famous soccer players, baketball players, handball players, skiers, trainers, tennis players... The love of sports is evident in the existing of many sport fields across Croatia and also on the island of Hvar. Respectively has Jelsa a very modern, newly built, sports hall. Because of all that and due to the mild winter climate, top sprots men come to the island for their winter training period. Stari Grad is a host of a famous „Faros Swimming Marathon“ taking place september of each year.

Visitor of the island have many sport options and sport courts to choose from:

ball sports : tennis, soccer, handball, volleyball, beach-volleyball and basketball

fitness training: hiking (especially treasured by Scandinavian visitors), walking, table tennis, triathlon, cycling

watersports: diving (diving schools available), skin-diving, paddling, water ski, surfing, angling, sailing, swimming, jet ski

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Important Informations

Medical Care
Doctors and pharmacists speak English, some German. There are three health care centers on the island: in Jelsa, Stari Grad and Hvar. Patients with serious health problems are however transfered, with a helicopter, to the Split hospital or any major hospital on the mainland. It is recommended to have an international health insurance policy.

There are no recommended vaccinations. Telephone numbers of reliable general practitioners and dentists, who work according to the european standards, can be asked for under the link Contacts.

Spare parts supply for the mountain bikers
The supply with spare parts is limited but, there is an expanding shop in Jelsa owned by a bicycle mechanic. On the mainland, in Split, the supply situation is a little better but not good enough. That is why we recommened you take the spare parts along.

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