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By car

First you need to reach Split or Drvenik and then take a ferry to bring you to the island

The freeways in Slowinia and the new freeway Zagreb-Split in Croatia, are of best quality. There are only a few kilometars of roads that are not freeways. If you would like to save the tollcosts, take the country road from Karlovac, via Plitvice lakes to Split. The drive prolonges then for two hours. Another possiblity is to take Jadranska magistrala country raod, a wonderful but longer coastal road from Rijeka to Split and further down south. Please, check the ferry time before going to or from the island.

Driving routes
1. München - Salzburg - Tauern-Autobahn - Villach - Karawankentunnel - Ljubljana - Zagreb - Karlovac (freeway) - Split (ca.900 km)

2. München - Salzburg - Ljubljana - Postojna – Ilirska Bistrica - Jelsane / Rupa (border to Croatia) - Matulji - Rijeka - an overnight ferry boat (by Jadrolinija) route from Rijeka directly to Stari Grad, needs to be booked on time.

3. Graz (A) - Spielfeld - Maribor - Zagreb - Split (ca. 590 km)

The toll is obligatory and is adjusted to the type and size of the vehicle.


Vehicle documentation
A valid driver´s liscence and motor vehicle registration certificate are obligatory. Having an international incurance card is strongly recommended.

Speed limit and Legal blood alcohol limit
The following speed limits apply in Croatia : town and cities 50km/h (31 mph), country roads 80km/h (40 mph), unless otherwise signposted, and on the freeway 130km/h (80 mph).

Legally allowed blood alcohol limit: 0,0 Promille.

Gas stations
The gas stations are open from 7am till 8pm, and in the vacation season (summer) untill 10pm. Big cities and freeways have gas stations opened 24 hours a day. Types of gas obtained is Eurodiesel, Eurosuper 98, Eurosuper 95, Super 95.

Prices of gas are lower then in Germany.All credit cards are usually accepted - Visa and Master in general

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By train

One other possiblity to reach Split and the ferry that will take to the island, is by train. The Croatian roadway system was modernized in 1997 and is being constantly developed.

More information can be found on the Croatian Railways internet page

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By boat

The car-ferry routs along the Croatian coast and the international route to Ancona (Italy) have a good reputation. The prices are the same as ones on similar European ferry routes. The biggest ferry ports are Rijeka, Zadar and Split.

Jadrolinija is the largest car-ferry boat company, thus operating on most of the routs along the coast. There is a long ferry route along the coast, from north to the south, Rijeka to Dubrovnik (stoppes at Stari Grad), as well as local lines connecting the islands with the mainland (Split - Stari Grad 1,5 hour; Drvenik-Sucuraj 40 minutes). The prices depend on the season (high, low season), type and size of the vehicle. You can check the time table on Jadrolinija´s web site

Hvar and Jelsa are also connected with the mailand with fast SeaBuses (no cars!).

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By plane

Croatia has 7 international airports (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Zadar, Pula and Osijek) and 2 sport airports serving small planes (Brac and Losinj). Zagreb is directly connected with major Europen airports , and is usually a stopover for your end destination.

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