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Hvar offers for both fitness oriented and relaxation seeking visitors many accommodatin options. There is a great variety and number of lodging options - from low-end accommodation to luxury apartments and villas. The prices are usually lower then in Italy or France, the island being thus attractive for sport groups or families travelling by car or mini bus.

As a result of our perennial experience (the mountain bikers group!) with different lodging facilities, we offer you tips and recommendations you can acquire by contacting us.

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The Island of Hvar is known for its numerous local delicacies, especailly olive oil. In Vrboska, an old farmer produces a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil (coming from the first pressing of the olives) of exquisite quality. His oils have been awared with gold medals on state level competitions.
Croatian apiary is well known among the European apiculturists (beekeepers). A very resistant type of bee, which is also not agressive, lives in Dalmatia. The queen bee of this type is exported world wide. Hvar´s honey has the flavors of lavander and rosemary, and is because of its purity, treasured by the honey lovers.

Hvar´s wine is also exported. Despite the perfect terrain it has still not achieved the superbe quality of french, italian or german wines. Prosek, a sweet dessert wine, is very appreciated by female visitors of the island.

Hvar is famous for its abundace of lavender bushes. Internationally known photographers (e.g. Ivo Pervan) and painters (e.g. Edo Murtic) have benn touched by the beauty of the island when coated with the lavander fields in bloom.The lavender oil from the island has been used by famous parfums making houses at the beginning of the century. Hvar´s lavender oil is today cherished by visitors and bought to be used home in oil lamps or as a medium against moths.

If you have interest to go shopping you can get tips and addresses by clicking on Contact.

When buying fish you should wake up early and be at the fish market latest by 7am (maybe even 6am!) and after have an espresso! Fruits and vegetables are fresh and are sold directly in the open markets of Jelsa, Stari Grad and Hvar.

Each town has at least one „Mom and Pop“ grocery store, with supermarkets in Stari Grad, Jelsa, and Hvar. The prices can be compared to those in the european uni

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Dining & Entertainment

The Dalmatian cuisine is simple and healthy. In the life expectancy statistic of Croatia, Hvar has a leading position. Is it the mild Mediterranean climate? Or is it the nutrition? If you take a walk in Vrboska you will be often greeted by 90 years old farmers. The oldest ever Croatian died in Vrboska at the age of 106.

Fish is the favorite food here; striped bream, monkfish,mackerel, sardines, sea bass, dog -toothed bream, frog, sole, gilthead sea bream. Other delicacies are lobster, shrimp, musse, calms, calamaris, octopus therby grilling being the favorite method of preparing food.

One should necessarily try the famous Dalmatian cured ham (prsut), goat´s cheese, green and blask olives, grilled lamb - all those an unforgettable treat.

As a tip; try the cabbage salad, palacinken filled with honey, chocolate, marmelade topped with a scoop of ice, you will soon forgett the typical offer of cevapcici and raznjici.
The wines of the island give this palatal feast a final touch.

At least but by no means the last, one must mention the wonderful ambiance in the restaurants, some located directly by the sea, some in hundreds of years old stone houses. By cliking on Contact you can acquire addresses and tips.

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