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Off season

Low and post season are ideal time of visit for a larger group of mountain bikers. The traffic on the narrow roads is low and gravel roads are emtpy.

The car-ferry prices are lower than in the main season, as well as the accommodation prices. Grocery´s prices are not season conditioned.

It is not recommendable to the mountain bikers, or any cyclists, to visit the island in the main season. The air temperature rises sometimes up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) forcing the cyclist to postpone the rides for late evening or early mornings. Hvar is in August „occupied“ by Italian turists who love the island. One sometimes thinks, walking down the old streets of Hvar´s towns, he finds himself in the middle of an Italian island and not Hvar! All you hear is italian, italian liscence plates dominate the park zones, even the Italian VIPs from politics, show business, industry, hide themselves on luxurious yachts in the bays of the island Hvar. There are still no paparazzis here.

The post season is characterized by warm, but very pleasant air and sea temperature. The island begins to be even more greener, the grape harvesting season is in full gear. The cyclist enjoy the smell of grilled fish, mixed with the woderful smell of green fields, grapes, sometimes stopping at the edge of a road to pick one and eat.
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Vacation - senior citizens

The island of Hvar is for senior citizens most suitable from September on. The temperatures are pleasant, the sea is still warm; sometimes even until October. One can participate in the grape harvesting, and whose hobby is photography he/she has the opportunity to shoot wonderful photos because of the lighting conditions. If one paints, the firework of colors inspires one immensely; the blue skys, the bluish green sea, the intensive red soil, the yellow grayish limestone , the green of the flora.

Many famous painters have used their brushes and easels here, inspired by the pure beauty of the nature. It is no wonder then that paintings „dreamed up“on the island of Hvar hung once in the seat of regional governments, Freiburg and Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg. Watermelons, pomegranate, figs, flowers - all motives for still life paintings are here again. Artists find inspiration in the sleepy villages and the play of light and shadows on the fasades of its´ ceturies old stone houses.

Concerts and plays may still be heard and seen in September. Those are held in the churches, especailly in the Fort church of St. Marija in Vrboska. Musical summer camp for talented children from all over the world, takes place in Stari Grad. They also gave concerts in the Fort church of St. Marija in Vrboska (wonderful acoustic!).

Wanting to improve one´s fitness - you´ve come to the right place! Cycling the roads (you can rent bicycles), walking or hiking are the best activity choice for the post season.
In the evenings, with a glass of wine and local gastronomic specialties, one gathers the emotions and events of the day. One has also the possibility to go out into the dark sea waters with the fishermen!
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