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Since May 2001 Hvar brings, our already 100-cyclist group, pure regeneration, fun, special adventure.
The "nucleus" of the group was at the beginning made up of dentists, dental technicians and practitioners, all cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts. This little group has doubled in size and is today made up of enthusiasts and friends of other professions. And it is getting bigger every year!

Our Films from Hvar:


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Single Trails & Downhill

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Our goals

We, the participants, have all agreed upon our goal and objective, but not without a bit of self-interest : we want to preserve Hvar´s nature,keep it as we have found it - untouched and innocent. Without too much concrete, without distructive mass tourism with many european destinations being a part of such. We want to try and channel the development of tourism on this island towards eco tourism by attracting as many cyclist and hikers as guests. Sport tourism (cycling, hiking) is at the end the soundest and most environmentally friendly type of tourism.

With tips and information you can find on our site or acquire by e-mailing us, with reports given by the participants of the tour, with our Forum - with all these and more- we will try and give you ,the lover of nature, an overview of this wonderful, still untouched world.

Making of this site and the mapping of the island´s trail required some financial input and a lot of work gladly done! But the ihabitants who identify themselves with our goals have tried to support us too. We were also able to get sponsored by well known companies.

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